It's Not Mystery, It's My Story

Hello again. So you've decided to learn more about me, Amir R Muntasser, the one and only. Be forewarned, my story is not for the faint of heart. If your loins arr sufficiently girded read on...

My wife and I have three cats. THREE!!! That's too many cats. Have you ever tried to share a living space with three cats? It's miserable. Hair. Hair everywhere. You can't escape it. And the litter boxes, my god the litter boxes. Did you know that you have to have one more litter box than you have cats in a multi-cat household? I didn't when we got three cats. And now I have four litter boxes. It's a misery.

And then there's the pool. Pool was a mistake. Sure it does wonders for the property value, but the maintenance is annoying as all hell.

And now you know the tale of me. Careful that it doesn't happen to you otherwise you lest you find yourself happily married to your best friend, a homeowner, and immenseley satisfied in your career. Like some sort of sucker!

Becks and I during our engagement photo shoot
My love, Becks, and I during our engagement photo shoot.

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