Punching Nazis is an American Pastime

Remember when Captain America punched Hitler? That was a good time. Fuck Hitler. And fuck Nazis.

Growing up there was still a pride in America’s role in WW2. It was the backdrop to a number of movies including Indiana Jones. Hell, there were more consecutive years of games about WW2 than consecutive year in WW2. And in all cases the plot went something like this: Nazis suck balls and America is going to kick some ass. And you know what? We liked it that way.

Sure America had its faults and had screwed up a number thing in the world, but we got one thing totally right. We ended the Nazis. Now, I know I am greatly over-simplifying, but that was the feeling of it. That there was this terrible evil in the world and it was stopped and, though there will always be a new threat, this evil would never return.

Yet here we are. It’s 2017 and Nazis are back. And worse they are home-grown. They don’t even deny being Nazis. Sure they prefer to be called the “Alt-right”, but by there own admission that is purely because “Nazi” doesn’t play well with the youths. Gee, I wonder why that might be?

America is not perfect. And it never will be. It’s our duty as citizens to forever strive for a more perfect union. Yes, we are divided now more than ever and it looks like it’s going to be a difficult few years, but there is one thing we simply cannot be divided on: Nazis will not be suffered.

Punch a Nazi. They should be afraid and ashamed. We should frighten and shame them back into their hidey-holes. Nazis must never be allowed to make a resurgence. Far too many died for their cause and far too many died to put an end to them. America, do what you do best: kick Nazi ass.