Week 1

  • You best start believing in site redesigns, you're in one! Launched the redesign of the my site.
  • I've delegated one of my major responsibilities to two of my employees and things are already looking up. I feel a lot less stress personally and there's a lot more attention and care going to the project than I was able to offer it alone.
  • The new trailer for the next Fast & Furious movie, F9, dropped and it's given me new life in this nightmare hellscape. I love this series; it's just the best.
  • Watched this powerful video from Carlos Maza called "How to be Hopeless". If you have a nagging fear constantly living in the back of your mind then this is the video for you.
  • Ramadan Mubarak! Not quite through the first week yet, but this is the most tired I've been during Ramadan. I think it has to do with still being in a pandemic, but also knowing that the end of the pandemic could potentially be around the corner is just making time move even slower.
  • Absolutely loved this video analyzing the architecture in Final Fantasy VII Remake by the brilliant Simone de Rochefort of Polygon. The original PSX version of the game had to do a lot of environmental storytelling because of the limitation of the platform. It's incredible to see all the work that went into lovingly recreating all these environments and expanding on them to make the world all the more real and lived in.