Week 3

  • Started really getting involed with the DEI efforts at my company. It's long been something I've tried to push and promote on my own within my department with some success and I'm excited to help where I can and learn even more.
  • Saw the new Mortal Kombat movie; read my Twitter thread for thoughts.
  • A new album by The Prize Fighter Inferno dropped and I've had the song Holidy Fool on a loop. It's fucking Evil Dead 2 as a song! For real, check the lyrics.
  • I'm still reeling from the season finale of Invincible I mean holy shit that was intense and absolutely brutal to watch.
  • Support for the gap property in Flexbox shipped finally in the latest version of Safari and my soul has ascended to a new plane of existence.
  • It's ya boi, the Apple slut buying up all the new Apple shit like this new Siri Remote.
  • My newest pair of shoes, the LEGO x Adidas ZX 8000 'A-ZX Series - Mixed Blocks, came in and their as awesome as you would expect.