Week 4

  • Marvel released a sizzle reel for Phase 4 and I got super emotional. They're releasing 4 movies this year in theaters and I can actually go see them! After a year of lockdown and no movies when my wife and I would go to the movies at least twice a month it's just nice to see some semblance of normalcy return. Also I'm stoked about The Marvels because Ms. Marvel is going to be on the big screen! And is it just me or did that 4 at the end of the video look a little suspiciously like a Fantastic Four tease?
  • We're just a week away from the Eid. I'm looking forward to it; it's been a rough Ramadan.
  • We bought this ridiculous coffee table and it's so ugly I love it!
  • We watched Mitchells vs the Machines. It was so charming and delightful; I cannot recommend it enough. The furby scene had us howling!
  • This Sunday will be 2 weeks since my 2nd shot and I'll be full vaccinated! I can't even begin to state how much a weight is being lifted off my chest, but I'm sure if you understand the feeling. That is assuming you're not one of those dumbass, dipshits not getting the vaccine because you're a stupid moron.
  • I've been jumping back and forth between React and Vue lately and boy they are just fun to work in. When I write Vue I feel like I'm writing more strucutred, accurate code and that helps me focus and I can move very quickly. In React I feel like I'm writing fancier code and generally am having more fun building, but I get lost and confused a lot more readily. Maybe I should write a blog post about this?