Week 6

  • I'm an old now and I get excited about updates to productivity software. I'm so jazzed about all the updates coming to Google Workspace.
  • We finished Shadow and Bone on Netflix. It's a rough watch until episode 5 which is when the show actually starts. And once it starts it doesn't stop! Except for all the parts with the lady and the witch hunter because they have 0 chemistry and it's a non-stop cringe fest.
  • Finally a ceasefire. Israel is no longer actively bombing Palestinians to hell and are just back to their normal amount of ethnic cleansing.
  • My collection grows! I am now the proud owner of an original iPod.
  • Speaking of Apple stuff, the new Siri Remote arrived today and oh my god it's so much better. I feel stupid because it's just a remote, but it's the little annoyances in life that really add up.
  • Watched Army of the Dead tonight. When Zack Synder stops being up his own ass he can actually make a pretty solid and enjoyable movie.