Week 7

  • I did something impulsive, but I can't talk about it yet. We'll see what happens.
  • Becks and I watched The Present on Netflix this week and it took everything to not be a crying mess. Definitely watch it if you can. It's the story of a Palestinian man and his daughter trying to buy his wife a gift for their anniversary.
  • In a totally different direction, we started watching A Black Lady Sketch Show which is absolutely hilarious. I'm sad I'm only just discovering it, but I'm here now and having a blast.
  • Continuing the TV updates, I finished Castlevania and it did not disappoint. It's some of the best and most fluid action animation I've ever seen. They haven't reached the creativity high they achieved in the 2nd season when the trio infiltrated Dracula's castle, but it got close. Sypha continues to be just so OP and I love it.
  • And Duck Tales season 3 is finally on Disney+. I love this show and I finally got Becks to enjoy it with me.
  • In other news my favorite coding font, Cascadia, finally got updated with an italics version! I saw the notificaiton of the issue getting closed while I was the middle of the 1-1 and I had to stop the meeting to freak out about it. I dig it. I would have made some different choices with it, but I very glad to have it.
  • Becks and I finished a puzzle last weekend. It was amazing! It was The Mystic Maze by The Magic Puzzle Company and it's my new favorite puzzle. I want to get more from this company.
  • Have you seen this trailer for Last Night in Soho? You must. YOU MUST!
  • If you love weird, irreverant animation then you need to check out Neon Kombini from Rooster Teeth.
  • Speaking of Rooster Teeth, the most recent episode of Chump was a spiritual experience. It featured the Takeout Crew and if that means anything to you then you know what a special experience you're in for.
  • I bought some new shoes. I picked up another pair of the D.O.N. Issue #2 Marvel Spidey Sense shoes, but this time they are Spider-Gwen colors.
  • FINALLY Pop Sockets has made a MagSafe Pop Socket. It works well and I'm all about that Pop Socket life now.
  • We got one of those robot litter boxes a couple weeks ago and it has been an absolute game changer so far.