Week 8

  • Gunning for a promotion at work. I feel confident that I'll get it, but I'm fine if I don't. The other person going for it is my counter part in my department and she brings a totally different skillset to the table than I do. We also get along great and work very well together. If her skills are what's decided that the department needs to grow then I can understand and respect that.
  • We saw Ponyo. It was super adorable! I kept expecting the mom to be dead, but it never happened. I'm used to there being some more darkness in a Ghibli film, but this was clearly the "kid's" Ghibli film.
  • My wife started a new job this week and she's been so happy! It's nice to see finally at an organization that values her and wants her to be there.
  • Becks and I braved going to the movies finally. We used to go like once every couple weeks pre-pandemic so this was big for us. We went to a very late show and had a whole row to ourselves so we were able to sit without masks which was nice. We saw Cruella and I absolutely loved it! It's totally ridiculous and over the top which is exactly what I wanted out of it. It's punk and fashion and heists and revenge and 70s; what's not to love? I do wish it was gayer though. It was a bit gay, but needed more gay. Also I just love Emma Stone and will pretty much see her in anything.
  • Monday is WWDC. Let's see. iOS 15 is going to have some iMessage updates; they've been teasing the hell out of it. I require a new MacBook Pro 16" with some sweet Apple silicon. Also if they could up their HomePod game and Apple TV game a bit that would be swell.